Steering Nut Torque Tool ?

Any one have a leed on where I can get a cheeper Steering Nut Torque tool the the Yamaha One ?

I'd like to know if anyone has ever even found the "Yamaha" one. It is spec'ed in the manual, but my dealer could not locate it for me after several attempts. It apparently is not an OEM part and seems like no one is actually making it (or at least no one that my dealer knows of). I insisted that they contact Yamaha and find a supplier for this tool. Yeah, right. :)

I think it must have been the same guys that laughed at sceptor when he asked a question about air filters. :D


Ther is a part number in the Manual, My Dealer(s) can order it but its freaking spencive :D

I was looking at PC but they have nothig there

Thats reason for Post :)

Go to a bicycle shop and buy the appropriate spanner for the nut (about $10). (take the nut with you). Get an old socket with the same drive as your torque wrench. Weld it on to the spanner (upside down) about 1 inch away from the nut. Now you have a new tool. :)

Motion Pro makes a wrench that looks like it would work okay; but, I don't really think you need a special tool for this. I've had my steering head apart several times and haven't had a problem getting it back together without one. I just use a small punch for the ring nut. It doesn't really need enough torque applied to booger it up and then I just use a torque wrench on the steering shaft nut. I adjust them so that the steering will just fall to one side or the other with a very slight push.

I'm with Dirtdad on this one. I use channel-locks and adjust so it will just flop over to one side or the other when nudged. Check for fore-aft play in the bearings or for too tight on the ring. It will loosen up just a bit after riding once the bearings and grease "set in".

You know seeing as this is not something that should be pulled apart more than twice a year it would be cheaper just to bring your bike to the dealer. Since you are from Hollister I am sure that you have been to Gilroy Cycle Center. These guys are usually fairly cool, they pressed the steering stem out of my old T Clamps and in to my new ones for free. So if you showed up down there with your bike and had the upper clamps loose so you could pull them along with the bars off they would probably torque it for you at little or no charge. I didnt torque mine, but I thought of making a tool wouldnt be hard. You just need a large steel socket and some pins that line up with 4 of the slots on the nut and weld them on. Man one could make a lot of money if they could produce a socket that you could attach to a standard torque wrench. Anyway goodluck...


Thanks for the Backyard advice, Letme please advise on this, I used to dirt-track and RR, Specialized in Mile, Have anyone of you experianced Head shake at speeds above 80 ?

I am a believer in proper tools and torque from experiance. KR (Thats Kenny Roberts) for you all east of California :)

Had the following on the wall of his shop in Modesto and always posted it in the garages at the GP's:

One spec of dirt, one untightend nut !

Can place a man in the Hospital

I think that sums it up for me.

PS I have seen front ends brake becouse of improperly torqued Triples :D

I have looked high and low too. I'm a stickler for the right tools so this is driving me crazy. The dealers tell me that the yamaha part number is bad (can't find the part). The local parts shop can get me a special yamaha tool for this but it doesn't fit a torque wrench either and it was very expensive (over $50 if I remember correctly). Snapon has a spanner wrench but it's really expensive ($40 if I remember correctly). Someone here suggested Harbor Freight and they do offer a set of spanner wrenches for $15, the smallest looks like it will fit the steering nut and the largest looks like it will fit the shock. They don't fit a torque wrench but at least they look appropriate for ring nuts. I ordered the set about 2 weeks ago and got a post card that said they're on backorder so I haven't received them yet. I did not check on the expected restock date. The total with shipping and handling was $25. Here they are:

The procedure for tightening the ring is to tighten to 30 something Nm, then back off and retighten to I think 7 Nm. I find this very difficult to do with a punch or vice grips. Just my $.02. :)

I am at work and dont have the manual, does anyone have the Part number handy in the manual, should be in the first few pages........... I will locate the part and pass the info onto anyone who needs it.

Unless Hit-Man wants to BULK BUY AHHHHHHHHHHHH :)

ego, don't get me wrong. I look for ANY excuse to buy a new tool. Drives my wife batty! But, like all of you I had trouble finding this "special tool" referenced in the manual. On the other hand though, I have not experienced any head shake or slop in my steering. I DO use a torque wrench for the steering stem nut. There really isn't much room for error in adjusting the ring nut. Torquing it down to 30 ft lb then backing off is just to seat the bearings. Once you torque the steering stem nut down properly, you'll know if it's wrong. If you go too tight on the ring nut the steering won't respond as stated in my first response. Too loose and you'll know it. The "special tool" just takes the guess work out of it. I DO think that makes it worth the price, but all I meant before was that it CAN be done without it!

Oh, and the part # is YM-33975 or 90890-01403

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Originally posted by EgoAhole:

I will locate the part and pass the info onto anyone who needs it.

After that, can you please cure cancer, too? :)

Obviously, we are mostly doing what dirtdad has described (i.e., getting by without using a torque wrench). Ricky1 probably has the most practical "real" answer. But, I'm pullin' for ya Ego! Find that tool! :D


No Worries, I am just a stickler for doing things correct, not saying your method is not correct. Just mean with proper tools and adjustments.

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Thanks DirtDad for the numbers.... :)


Working on it :D

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Please correct me if Im wrong, but we are talking about the 30mm nut on top of the triple, right? IF so you can get a 30mm socket at any autozone, pepboys or napa shop. If you talking about the headstock bearing load spanner, it only needs about 8 to 10 foot lbs. of torque, even if you like your steering heavy. I personally dont use a punch to set this, I just get it snug with a channel lock plier and then tighten the top nut, then tighten the fork leggs.


You poor mis-guided ignorant Slu**** Thumper :)

No buddy we I am talking about the ring nut under the tripple


shawn, there is actually a "special spanner" (referenced in the manual) that accomodates a torque wrench to adjust the ring nut (the part you described as the "headstock bearing load spanner). I think everyone here can figure out the ease of finding a 30mm socket and standard torque wrench!

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