Steering Nut Torque Tool ?

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Ring Nut Spanner Tool is found

Ok here it is for 42.95 youcan buy from Yamaha

one YU-33975

Yup this is the one that everyone is talking about, the one you see advertised on TV, yes you can slice it dice it chop it smoke it. You can even use it to spray fake hair onto those bald heads caused by to hot a helmut


I called a buddie I know that has a Yamaha Connect

Well, that was less than impressive. You've managed to tell me the "part number" which is in my manual. It was in there when I went down to the dealership a year ago to order the tool. I still don't know of anyone who has been able to order one yet, but hey, thanks for your permission to "buy from Yanaha one." :)

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You "sticklers" can try A punch works fine. After the nut is torqued to 105 ft. lbs. you'll know if you got it right or not.

Ring Nut Spanner Tool is found

Ok here it is for 42.95 youcan buy from Yamaha

one YU-33975

Yup this is the one that everyone is talking about, the one you see advertised on TV, yes you can slice it dice it chop it smoke it. You can even use it to spray fake hair onto those bald heads caused by to hot a helmut


I called a buddie I know that has a Yamaha Connect


the Number in Me manual was a YM- Not YU

I assume (ASSUME SHAWN) that everyone else go YM also. DirtDad gave me then Part # at Home I looked at me Manual and was the same.

And You are welcome for granting Permission :)

Hey I thought I would just help out here, So I get called a jackass for looking at (NOT BUYING) a 42 buck part. So its not like anyone buyng FOX crap becouse Ricky has it Huh!.

Ego, I USED to work for a guy like you. Now, he lives under a bridge.

There are a lot of websites out there where your "siganl to noise" ratio is not going to matter. As a matter of fact you may enjoy the Saddlback web site and message board. Its basically nothing more than Hackery.

I basically dont have a problem with anybody calling me names, that is, if I know who they are. I dont really know you from Adam, so the tolerance level for you is very low. Its the way Im wired.

This is a great place to learn things about these blue beasts that we love so much, with out the steep learning curve of trial and error. Most of the folks on this board are ernest and sincere with they're comments, which makes you stand out like a sore thumb at times.

I dont wish you any ill will, stay safe.

Shawn since you started this crap,

Ya talk with a paper ass,

first the intolorance, you are the one objecting, so who is intolarant here (Ya must be a bleeding heart liberal) only side is yours.

Second you state you used to work with a guy like me, then ya come back with " I Dont Know You From Adam" My Point On Paper ass

third You started with the Jackass bit, I simply slapped back, thats not intolorance that is hit me I will hit ya back hard, Thats the way I am wired.

forth Yes I will agree with you this is a great place, I enjoy the site as much as everyone. The Majority of TT'rs have been very positive towards my humor and responces. I like making people laugh, I am a practicle joker "Thats How I am Wired" I make no appologies.

fifth If you dont like what I do here then shut me down by blocking my member You will live longer

sixth I do not wish you ill either, in fact the best of health and long life, If you learn to be tolarent to others way of doing things, you would not be so dang uptight and ripe into ones that "LIKE TO HAVE FUN"


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EgoAhole, you will find a better rapport amongst the members here if you tread just a bit more lightly.

Shawn probably didn't find the humor in this comment:

Originally posted by EgoAhole:


You poor mis-guided ignorant Slu**** Thumper :)

I didn't find any humor in it myself and thought it to be a somewhat careless remark.

I appreciate your genuine enthusiasm in your new thumper. But, this is not some yahoo kind of free-for-all bantering here like some other boards. Most of us are very serious about our interests in our thumpers. We like to goof off, too. Just not such a good idea to make someone else the butt of an off the cuff jab. If you want to bag on someone, I'll play. In a twisted sort of way, I kind of like it. Guess It's just the way I am wired. :D

Shawn, let it go man. You've certainly got better things to get your blood pressure up about. :D

I am what I am and thats all that I am

Ego the Ahole "Maaaaaaaaaaaan"


Ya make a good point :D

:) Shawn, Seeing that we are both so intolerant and mis-guided

I appologies for the Poor Mis-guided remark

But newriver, In know way do I concider this some Board full of Yakkers, or Mis-fits, I recognize the board for what it is worth. I think the info here is very good, sometimes on the boarder line of What Kinda question is that ? to Geez that was a great question and better answer.

I have picked up alot, things have changed in the 10 years I have been in Hiatis, so I appreciate the info.

I poke fun at things for a simple reason, sometimes taking a step back and looking at the thing with a sense of humor, gives you the answer.

My last point is cheeze n crackers, I am amazed at how little or how uptight people get at anything these days, no wonder the world is in the state it is in, I know I can tone down I will but geez people lighten up and loosen up. :D

Lighten up Ego!

(Have some "cheeze n crackers" :) )

Better yet, hit it hard this weekend and burn up some of that abundant energy you seem to have. :D


Well, it looks like this is NOT going in a postitive direction :)

If you guys want to rip on each other, do it via private message. Then those that are offeneded can try and air their differnces OFF-LINE.

Let's all chill a little :D


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I think I could make a little money here, If I could just find out what number EGO runs on his bike I am sure I know where he rides. I would gladly take a few donations to stuff his old butt into the dirt up at Hollister Hills once he is discovered.

You know its not that being an A hole isnt OK. But it is apparent that you are the Moron that started this thread by asking a question. Now if you choose to call people idiots for attempting to help you then you are a 100% T Total frickin Jack Ass.

Yes, you may be having fun and mean well but some of the folks on this board dont appreciate your type of humour. Dont worry about me responding to your reply as you arent worth my time or the energy it will take to move the mouse.


Ohhhhhhhhhh Nooooooooo Loook out

put me in the wall :)

Look if ya read the freakin thread it isnt any more stupid then

What Oil do I use


Has anyone wipe there ass with Hootna Before


So here is fuel on the fire for you intelectually challenged ..............

I post a freaking thread asking a simple question.

I am now in a fire fight with people who think they can put me in a wall, accuse me of calling names, when Moron and jackass is used first.

look y'all, back up and think about this, and re-read the freaking Thread.

Ok I made a mistake with a respnce to Shawn, So non of you every stick your foot in your mouth before ? Hummmmm have Ya,

I appologies and get ripped by some really sensitive TT'r :)

So here I sit wondering when it will all end. Put me in a wall geez dude why dont you just say you want to kick my ass, Thats original.........

Hugs and Kiss's

Ego :D

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