yz450f oil leak

hi, new here.

recently bought an 03/04 yz450f, all looked okay but when the engine is running oil is leaking from what looks like the square end of the oil pipe coming down from the frame on the left. would i be right to go ahead and replace the dowel pin and o-ring first? or has anyone else had the same problem know what i should do?


That's the return line.  The two possible places for it to leak from are the O-ring seal and the joint of the tube to the fitting (could be cracked).


When you replace the O-ring, be sure that the fitting lays against the engine squarely on its own, not twisted into place and bolted down in a strain.

When you say the joint of the tube do you mean the dowl pin of the square end of the pipe?

No, I mean where the round tube is soldered into the square fitting on its end.

I see, thanks alot for the help

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