YZ450FX fail safe functions

While I was searching for a new bike a few months ago, one of the dealers told me that this bike has multiple fail safe functions. I read through the manual and the only thing I see is the "lean angle sensor" which shuts the bike off when laid over, I assume. I also read that after 7 mins of idle, it will shut off.

A couple things the dealer told me that I don't see mentioned in the manual; If it gets too hot (coolant sensor) it will shut off. He also said that if it senses no oil pressure, it won't run. He told me a story that he sold a bike to a guy and after one of his oil changes the bike ran for a bit then died... And wouldn't even try to start. He checked the oil and there was none. Turns out that supposedly his son did the oil change and didn't put the drain bolt in correctly and it lost all of its oil... He put oil in it and it ran, as if nothing ever happened.

Can anyone confirm any of this to be true?

I don't believe there is an oil pressure sensor. 

Must have been more familiar with some of the road bikes.  The FX does have a coolant temp sensor, and a lean angle sensor (which is NOT integrated into the ECU), but no oil pressure sender.  We have reports from riders already who have boiled an FX over and it never quit running, so I'm going to doubt that one unless you have to get the thing hot as... to make it shut down.  Eventually, that would happen on its own, but who wants to go there?

Sounds like oh-so typical dealer big-fat-claims selling techique.

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