another fork oil question

do i realy need to fill the forks with oil till the end and then take off the extra? cant i just put 130mm and thats it???????


Anooother Forking Question,,, always questions

The Best method I have found is to fill the forks with the correct oz's first I think its 19 not sure.. But get a turkey baster and about 3- 4 inches of clear tube that fits the nozzle of the baster.

Mark off 130mm -1 from the tip of the Tube up.

(Also Super Glue the tube to the baster Non Slip)

Nail Polish or black magic marker

Place the mark right at the end of your tubs and suck add any amount needed.

the -1 mm is just a way of keeiping things = to 130 mm.

also if you know any lesbians the baster setup can be used for artificial insemination :)

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To answer your question, the reason for filling to the top of the outer tube (with the forks completely compressed) is to allow the area between the two tubes to fill up with oil.

Now, I'm sure if you read enough posts you'll find those that don't fill this area, but I subscibe to the faction that believes not having fuild/oil in there when measureing the levels is a bad thing.

Obviously most of the oil is gonna come out of there once you extend the outer tube up. And if you turn the bike up-side-down (which most of us do from time to time), anything that was left in the bottom portion of the of the outer tube will come out also. So I don't believe you have to have it. I just like to have zero air were it's not supposed to be during my measurements. And it's the way my manual says to do it. BOW TO THE YAMAHA GODS!

You have to fill all the way up, then pump the damper rod to get the oil into the cartridge (see the manual for the procedure). Once that is done you have to pump the outer fork tube a few times as well. All of this is to get the oil completely dispersed throughout the internals with no air/air bubbles present.

So yes. You do need to fill to the top.


You are correct

You have to bleed to forks as you fill, not all at once though, fill half pump the forks as descrbed in the man. Sorry Gal left that out, I was thinking of something here at work and got distracted

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