2011 yz450f locked up

So I bought my bike and took it straight to the track. I just checked IMG_1473549208.418878.jpgIMG_1473549208.418878.jpgthe oil lubed the chain and air filter, and headed out bike was fine all day well atleast till the end when I thought it sounded a little funny. So I loaded it up and went home got to the house unloaded it to take a test ride to see if I could figure out what was wrong with it fired it up let it idle for a minute went to take off and boom stopped running.... Went to kick it and kicker wouldn't move so I put it in gear rolled it backs freed and up and pushed it into my garage let it cool down and it fired right back up fine but the coolant was low which my dumb self didn't check what should I do should I rebuild it will it be fine I'm kinda lost on what to do plz help!!!!

How low is low?


What does the oil look like?


What does the oil filter look like?


Did you change the oil and oil filter before riding it?

Like ten to twelve oz of anti freeze was in it and I haven't drained the oil doing that in the morning and unfortunately the itch to ride took over the common sense to change the oil.

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Check the cam chain. Might be worn or too stiff

Id be looking at the cam chain and dissecting the oil filter

IMG_1473874450.776292.jpg that ground after I sprayed the filter out

What's the options?

Did you pull the valve cover and check the timing?

The debris in the oil filter looks entirely normal, frankly.  Although I must say neither of the pictures is particularly useful.

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