WR450F Chain is wearing frame and subframe

Hey guys,


It appears that my chain sometimes hits the inside of the frame and the subframe as its slightly worn through both. 


Does anyone know a solution to this? I've checked and the chain is perfectly tensioned.

Is there any aftermarket chain slider that stops the chain having so much side to side movement?


I'm worried about it as the bike is a 2012 WR450F with only 1900km and theres already a decent amount of wear.


Thanks guys.

They will rub sometimes. Especially if you have a crappy chain. Get the best Xring chain you can get.

Some of us wrap the subframe in additional metals to act as a rub strip


If as mentioned you use a good x or o ring chain and align the wheel by measuring  (not by the hash marks) so it is straight, or using a motion pro chain/wheel alignment tool, it will minimize the problem.

I took a piece of plastic from a thick water, gateraid bottle and zip tied it to the sub frame, this has worked remarkably well, I have to replace a zip ty once in a while, but my sub frame has remained unmarred!

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