FS Pipes (stock & FMF)

Hey carnivor

I will give you a cat poop eating Dog for it ? :)


[ April 04, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

the poops that come out of my wife's cat could choke that dog!

stock pipe off 01 426 for sale. Can come with screen sandwiched between end cap and core "spark arrestor" or bone stock. Your choice. Make offer.

fmf pwr core 4 squared spark arrestor. about a year old and in good condition. scraches and small dings in end cap. Make offer.

please post offer to scanavero@prosser.net

I want to offer it to Thumpertalk members first then if necessary Ebay.


And I thought my wifes poop eating dog was strange. But then I discoved if you actually feed them........

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