HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in dire need of a MX suspension setup for my XR, my rear suspension keeps bottoming on jumps, and I need some good MX forks. I have already considered putting eibach springs in, but I would rather have an MX setup. Also I am looking for a CR style rear fender if anyone knows how to get one to fit on the XR. Thanx -Matt

Their website is under construction, call them on the phone!

I had my front forks done by Barnums--they are awesome! I went with the racetech springs--re-stacked shims, lighter oil. Its not a CRF450-never will be-but its night and day over stock!

Irondude, how is that suspension for long distance simple trail rides where your only competition is against yourself and maybe your laid back friends? Is it comfy to sit on for any distance? Im very interested.

I have firmed up the stock suspension as far a specs will allow but its not quite enough. But I don't want it so firm it will be difficult to sit down on when I get lazy, if you know what I mean.

For sure those forks need low speed and high speed adjusters--but they dont have em--so i just click it back 3 compression and 2 rebound-for slow rides or Baja tours or whatever--then click it back for desert racing--big jump grand prix courses get one or two higher. Its not perfect--but after trial and error i can now more or less dial it right in with a screw driver trail side in 2-3 minutes.

For sure it will bottom out on the 'slow speed' clickers adjustments if i do a big jump--but i dont...and for sure its to hard on the cross grain at slow speed without clicking it back to trail riding slow speed settings...

With the right shim stack, correct springs/rider wt. and the lighter fork oil, its all come together up front.

The Ohlins in the rear has one big advantage--the resevoir is much larger and rarely overheats. The stock rear is prone to overheating in race conditions. Many racers use the CR500/KX500 rear shock. It bolts right in. Others just change out the stock spring.

how is that suspension for long distance simple trail rides where your only competition is against yourself and maybe your laid back friends?

I had mine done by Barnums too and they did a great job :). Simply put, my bike rides significantly plusher in more situations than it used to. The only complaint I have is when riding at 50+ MPH across lots of choppy bumps bunched close together on hard terrain. The exact circumstance is a dried desert lakebed that had car/truck or tractor tracks made while the soil was wet and then it dried hard that way. My bike is no worse than it was in this circumstance, but it's way better everywhere else, especially in the whoops. Once I get my bike into 3rd, the whoops start to smoothen out a lot and I feel like I'm riding a fast rocking horse. I'm not being jerked back and forth and the ride isn't harsh or bumpy by anymeans, but rather its firm, progressive & plush without the harshness I used to have. I no longer have trouble losing my friends on quads in long stretches of desert whoops where before they could stay with me and now I'm less fatigued on rougher terrain which is a huge plus for me. My front end feels more stable in the sand and I no longer feel like I'm going to be bucked off on squared edge bumps at speed and the rear end tracks straight in the whoops. I usually don't cringe anymore when I'm about to hit something unexpected at speed, but instead I take a deep break while trying to stay loose and plough though/over the obsticle while trail riding because the bike behaves so much better & more predictable now. I no longer bottom out and the ride is definitely not any rougher whether I'm sitting or standing. It's all about timing the reaction to the action if that makes any sense and Rob just has tons of experience in this area when it comes to suspensions whether its a XR650R, XR400, CRF450, WRF450, etc.

The best thing to do is make a list of things you like and don't like about your current suspension. Next time you're out riding, pay close attention to the things you don't like and write down the specifics. A good suspension tuner can work from your list to improve those specific areas you don't like.

I just had mine done by GPS suspension in Mass. Great guy to deal with and great work. I had a complete revalve, oil, shims, springs all around and fine tuning for $550.00. Can't touch that...

Check out Precision Concepts ( do Campbell and Hengefeld's suspension (so definitely good enough for me, as I will, most likely, never ride at their pace). Just let them know what you want, and I believe they will fulfill. The XR650R is their specialty! I should have it in a couple of I will update with the review.

I am sure $550 was a good deal---but just for the record-Rob will do it all for a Benjamin or so less....!

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