hot cam or yz cam?

I am looking for more power in my new 04' wr450f and i was wondering which would give more performance the hotcam or yz450?

if you have done all the gimme mods (airbox, throttle, exhaust), I would think (whichever is cheaper) would be fine.

You will get a more radical performance curve w/ the YZF vs. WRF cam. You WILL need to rejet to take advantage of it though.

Use JD's jet kit for optimum performance.

Do the free mod's first then rejet as said before. If you still need more top end power go for the yz cam. :) Rejetting the bike will gain more power than the cam change

Rejet eh? I have the YZ450 cam and I also have the JD Jetting kit. Here is my question: since I bought and installed the JD kit for my WR, what changes do I need to make if I now have the '04 YZ450 cam?

Please be specific on needle color and settings, and the main jet sizing. I'm in high altitude Colorado.

Thanks! :)


For Rampart I would put in a 160 main JD red #4 for 45 - 70 degrees. 155 main and JD red #3 for 70 + weather. I ride in Colorado a lot. :)

so does the cam and jetting make alot of difference?is it worth the time and money?

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