Best Mods for a 04 WR450,,,,,,,any help out there

just bought my new 450, wondering about this grey wire, and any other possible good mod reccomendations

:):D :D

I suggest JD jetting and after market exhaust as the top ones I did to my 03.

I would suggest uncorking the exhaust, cut off the idlestop screw, disconnecting the grey wire for starters, and remove the snorkel from the top of air box and cutout holes on right side of air box. That's it for Free mods then comes spending money. These mods unleash a great deal of power.

After the free mods. Think about suspension. After suspension you can go in several directions depending on your riding. If it is high speed, think about a steering dampener. If it is low speed, think about protection,low end jetting/gearing and a Power Now. I ride in multiple terrains so I do everything. :)

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