tters at TCTRI on 4/13,14?

Looking for someone to ride w/ that weekend. :)

How'bout RC this Sunday???


My son is playing soccer at halftime of the KICKS indoor soccer game this sunday. The 14 is the RORR h/s at tctri have you ever tried one before? I have not. What are your thoughts? :)

Go to the race at Pine Grove!! :)

If we weren't racing bill, my dad and I would join you at Rausch! Did you read my post on last weekend?? We got kicked out of rausch!! haha!

(you can read my post by clicking on the below link as well....)

Rausch Post

Anyway though, we're heading up to montrose ( next saturday or sunday I believe.

Anyone want to tag along? It's about a 3 hour drive (ouch), but the track is fast, LONG (1.5 mile) and easy if you want, or somewhat tough!


I may be heading up to MX573 next weekend as well. Never been there...can you give any details beyond what's on the website?


Not tried the HS at TC. The trails up there are very rocky and technical. I have only raced once and it was a GNCC :)


Saw you post, didn't sound like a good deal for anyone. This will be my first ride of the year, good luck at the HS.


Good to see ya around still. Hope to see you this June, might even get to ride together :D


I'll follow this thread and maybe we can meet at MX573

Bill :D

OK, here's my review of the place when we went up in July.

Everything is hardpack to hard/intermediate. ALL REAL DIRT. No sand, pine bark, or other stuff. It is massive traction hardpack. VERY SMOOTH. The track is wide enough to allow a three or even 4 bike or more battle if wanted. EVERY JUMP, no matter HOW SMALL, can be ridden around, as the track widens to permit this, or the jumps only come out half way. Only 6 doubles, one big tabletop, and a bunch of other good stuff. 2 ski jumps that you can LAUNCH sky high on. (I guarantee you'd bottom your suspention no matter how stiff it is if you gassed it hard enough.) The track is indeed about a mile and a half long, as when dad and I were pushing ourselves, we couldn't do under a three and a half minute lap.

It is a small place though, basically, a boondox place, but the track is fun for those that just want to ride, and those that want to get some air!! There is a HUGE DOUBLE, probably 3rd grear hard on my 520, and only 7-10 feet wide or so. If you jump it, you get your name on a plaque or something.....

There is definite elevation change. From the bottom, you cannot see the parking area, and fron the other side of the parking area, you cannot see the other side, or the OTHer side!! Basically it's on top of a hill, and you start at the top, and go down all sides of it and back up.

It's just really cool there.

If we do go to the place, I will post here. Right now, I do believe they are open, and if so, dad and I for sure will go up Saturday or Sunday if the weather is good.

In general, I just found the place to be a ton of fun. The track is constantly watered by water hose. IF it gets too slippy, just tell the guy and he stops!! He seems to want to make you very safe and happy. They do NOT want loud bikes, but my dad's 426 in stock trim was sufficient. My 520 with stock muffler was MUCH quieter. I bought an R4, so I may bring my stock silencer, just in case. I think what they don't want is CR500's with the silencer packing completely gone.

There is no real support there, but a few drinks I I said, it's a boondox place, located on this guys farm i think!!

I wish they were closer, I'd go there every weekend....but I'm sure I would 'master' the track in a short period of time. It's very safe!


I read your post on rausch creek and I totally agree w/ you. Rider safety and feedback should be meet with open arms.I too would have givin the track a verbal lashing. Have you ridin the Pinegrove H/S before? Good luck at 573.

Thumpin in the city.

99400f w/ plates, stock,moose skid plate,Renthal chain& sprockets, Fatbar, :)

Anyone here going to be riding in the desert 100 in eastern washington on 4/14?. :)


Thanks for the details. Sounds like a great place for a squid like me. I'll call there this week to see if they are open, and post if we decide to go up. I may stay the night and ride two days.

Yes, been racing at pine grove for the last three years. Finished 13th after a bad crash in the first one this year, second place the next week, and got a second today. I'm hungry for that first win of the year!! :)

Hey, called Montrose yesterday, got the answering machine saying the track was open. Weatherbug says it should be nice (hmm, we'll see, you all know how the weather is!!), and if so, we'll probably cut out of here no later than 7:00 am to be there around 10:00. Ride until like 4 at the latest. Be home around 7-7:30 or so we hope!!

We DO have room in the trailer for another bike, or just in the bed of the truck, if someone would want to trail along in with us...we can split gas then to save money, or obviously, drive separate in case someone wants to come back earlier or later!



You didn't say, but I assume you are going up on Saturday, correct? I have a commitment to my son's little league team that I cannot break Saturday morning, so I will probably get there at about the time you are leaving. I'm going to stay the night and ride Sunday as well.

What kind of truck will you and your dad be in? I'll look for you.

Hey squid,

Do you ever ride in Jersey at njorvp or the atco track?


I do believe it will be saturday yes. Tell your son good luck! :)

It is a 2001 Chevy 1500. Red Trailer with our numbers on the back (523 and 47, Chris and Mike, respectively, with a big SLADE underneath. It's all just contact paper, but it works great :D

We have a floor tiled interior (checkered look) in-case we leave the doors open, which we normally do.) Dad had just mentioned about trying to be home 'around' 7, so that would put us leaving around 4 or so at the latest. If you see a YZ426 #47 (dad, again), or my KTM #523, give a yell! :D

I'll keep an eye out for you. I'm driving a BMW 325 with a crappy little utility trailer. '01 YZ250F with ThumperTalk fender decals, of course!

Anyone else interested in mx573? Stegemeier? B Hall? Hilton?

DANG :) that's 5 hours (according to yahoo) from me. That's a little much for a Sunday ride. I'll be riding at my home track (Happy Ramblers) or RC.

Have fun :D


Yeah bill, it's a drive!! 3 hours from us (hershey), and then probably a good 45 minutes from you to us, so about 4 hours yeah. It's JUST SHY of the new york border !


I have riddin NJORVP 2times, Hit the motox track once. I like the track, hated the trails. At that time there had'nt been any rain for a very long time and the trails where extremely soft, you would have thought you were riding on the beach, could have used a paddle tire. I am not a member there. Have not been to atco yet, heard some good things though. Have you been to towercity? :)

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