kick start lever rebuild

i couldnt find anything on rebuilding the kick start lever on my 08 450.


the dang thing is loose as heck and rattles.  i took it off the bike a while ago but for the life of me i couldnt get the phillips screw loose.



anything i need to know before i really get some force on it?  is it even serviceable?  has anyone done it before?



It's designed to be serviceable, and the parts other than the lever itself are listed individually.  If the lever needs replacement, it's only available with everything else.  I've never rebuilt one, but if I had trouble with the screw, I'd heat the thing to begin with.

sounds like a plan.  i just didnt know how delicate it was.

Nothing worse than a sticky hard to fold out lever. I have helped many a friend remove the screw ---- pull the lever up and watch the ball fall! Like GrayRacer says heat the Phillips head up and use a hammer impact.

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