01 426 Race Tech Forks - what are they worth? Who wants 'em?

When my 2001 WR426 burned to a crisp it had a brand new Race Tech suspension job; less than 10 rides. Gold valves, RT springs, RT oil, etc. They did the whole job.

I pulled the forks off and they appear to be in excellent working order. The only visible damage is to the left dust seal, which got a little warm and melted some in one place. However, the forks compress smoothly and do not leak any oil.

My 450 has better suspension than the 426, and I’m not good enough to notice the difference between the 450 and Race Tech, so I’m not going to use them. But I hate to see these go to waste.

What do you think they are worth?

Is anyone interested in them?

If no one here takes them throw em on Ebay. I bet you get atleast 200-300 for them. Just a thought.

are the triple clamps, master cylinder, rotor, and front wheel OK?

if so, sell the whole front end.

Holy crap i just saw your bikes pics and read your story all i can say is ''damn that really sucks!'' :)

In the pics you look like you took it pretty well :D


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