2016 WR450 Suspension, Front end wiped out.

I don't find a lot of difference between the S12XC and the M5B, except wear.

Is the Starcross 5 soft a lot better than the S12XC ?

I have a set of 1 ride takeoff S12s.y buddy rode them once and tore them off. He's a believer in Starcross 5 softs now...

Well its been awhile since i posted this,


All suspension settings are stock again,


For some reason as end was all over the place and front end still wanted to dive all the time,


So last night i decided to drop the forks until  they were flush with the triple clamp just enough so i could not see the fork tube anymore, And wow this feels like a whole new bike and can really ride it harder and feel more confident on it even in wet slippery muddy conditions


I know that if you lower its supposed to decrease steering but i found that it actually increased it for me, Ass end seems to get bit more traction and does not really want to skip out left and right all the time only unless i give it a big fist full coming out of a corner



Also front end comes up so easy now lol power wheelies constantly



So my next question is, in rocky area its still kinda rough i feel every rock i hit, its deflecting but not as bad since i dropped the fork tubes,


What clicker settings should i use to maybe soften it up a tad ? and how many click in or out?



Also my sag now,


Since i lowered the for tubes what would be the ideal sag to have now ?



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