Idle problem??? Help!

The last time I rode my bike it stalled on me about three times. Once was while coasting down a hill with the clutch in. It felt like it was just idling low (I guess I should stay on the gas more, hahaha). Today I started it up to check and see if the idle needed to be adjusted or something. It was alreay turned as far as it would go. Obviously something else is going on here. Any suggestions?

Provided everything else is working correctly, if you cna't get the idle to adjust and it is idling at very low rpm, I would move up one on the pilot fuel jet. That should do it (again, providing that there are no other problems like a clogged pilot jet, etc.). :)

To start make sure your intake manifold is air tight and your air filter is clean. If the bike has sat over the winter? I would clean the carb, and be sure the pilot jet is clean. :)

I have had the bike for a little over a year and it has never sat over three weeks without being ridden. How often do you guys usually clean your cards? I had just cleaned the air filter the ride before I started to have problems, but I will clean that again as well as look at the other suggestions. Thanks for your replies.

As a side note, how do you know when your valves need to be checked/adjusted?

Thanks again


I am in the process of going through the bike now, the third time since I got it in Jan 2002.

I put about 20 hours on the bike, I have gone through the Crab once this will make the 2nd time.

I (personally) will go through the bike about every third ride. What I mean by gowing through is

"Carb, valves, Oil Filter change Oil Every other ride, Lube and tighting things up back to torque value.

On a ride to ride I usually go through, Air Filter checking for cracks in the air box and looking for dust, Chain and general once over with the torque wrench.

I just like to tinker it keeps me buzy and out of my wifes hair during those PMS weeks :)

Ooops forgot, These guys are right if the bike is idling rough or not at all, then it would be a good idea to clean the carb real good.

Also just a question, What Octane level do you buy in gas for the beast

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If this problem started for no aparant reason and did not start immediately after some changes then I would assume that something is dirty, worn and/or out of adjustment. Start by cleaning the carb since that is the easiest. From there I would check the valves. Overly tight valves will definitely affect the idle. I would not ride it further until checking the valves, if they're leaking because they're overly tight then you could burn the seats and/or valves and that's no fun to fix. If this doesn't help then let us know. Hope this helps!

Thanks for all your comments. I will be giving the carbs a cleaning tonight (I guess that will keep me out of trouble). To answer the question from EgoAhole, I have always used the high octane. I guess I will finally be learning how to adjust my valves.

I just wanted to thank you guys again. I cleaned the carb out real good and changed my plug since I had the tank off. Put it back together, adjusted the idle and it's running great. Actually ran a hare scrable at budds creek yesterday. I guess that is my lesson not to be lazy and to keep up on my maintenance. I guess this weeks project is valves.

Thanks again, once again you guys saved me.

Side note, make sure you let the air cleaner get good and dry prior to starting the engine. It pull so hard it WILL, not can, but will pull excess oil out of the filter if its still not dried.

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