Oil in coolant

Okay I have not gone to look at the bike yet. Just tossing around a few things. My good friend says he's is getting oil into his coolant and could see it rainbow on top and oil filming on the cap. He says that there is no coolant getting into his oil. I plan to go about compression and leak down for a possible head gasket issue and double check his symptoms. Also has anybody had oil get into their coolant via water pump oil seals? Or have this problem?

Under any sort of normal circumstance, it's impossible for oil and coolant to mix in either direction via the water pump seals because there's an escape port (the "weep hole") in a gap between them expressly for the purpose of preventing exactly that. 


If oil is mixing into the coolant with no signs of water in the oil, it's probably a head gasket problem (system oil pressure leaking along the gasket surface to a coolant passage).



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