Which Oil?

I've just got a quick question that seems kinda stupid, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Should I be using a semi-synthetic oil in my 00 YZ 426? I have been running a synthetic/petroleum blend with moly specifically designed for motorcycles in my bike, but I think I remember hearing somewhere that synthetics could cause clutch problems. I have been having some trouble with notchy shifting, which is what made me think about it. I pulled my clutch cover off to inspect the clutch (I also heard about the exploding basket problem some of these YZ's have) and found nothing too unordinary. There were some small scratches in the clutch basket but nothing major. I haven't pulled the basket yet because I don't have a socket big enough or a clutch holding tool. Should I perform a further inspection on my clutch and/or switch to a different oil? Any help and/or info would be appreciated.


I have a 00, I am burning Castro Actevo 20-50, the 10-40 is a synthetic ( I do not use synth, personal pref) Some of the troops here use synthetic with non energy blend. It si up to you actually. Some are using I should say alot are using Mobil-1 RED cap I believe (SearchThat Dont believe me)

Curious My 00 shifts funky only when I am banging away with no clutch, I am fine when methodicly using the clutch, Do you use the clutch alot or no ?

Its always a good idea toinspect things if unsure, never can tell

Was that on Ok Shawn ?

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I've been running Mobil 1 15-15 (in the red cap) and have had no problems with shifting. Your statement that you are using something with moly additives worries me though - I think moly may affect your clutch (make it slip / notchy shifting) but I am no oil expert. I did notice that you said it was motorcycle specific but if it were me, I would go get some Yamalube 4 or 4R and run it for a couple of oil changes and see if the shifting improves...

Last few times I was down at the dealer to buy oil they didn't have any Yamalube! I always end up buying Pro Honda HP4M. I think I'm going to go back and try to get some Yamalube though. I always ran Yamalube in my two-stroke engines (premix oil) and had good luck. This moly stuff worries me though. I'm almost certain I read in a Dirt Rider or somewhere that moly oils are REALLY BAD for motorcycle clutches. I'm going to look into it. I hate to spend $7 on a quart of oil and have it ruin my $6000 bike! Thanks for the input.

This subject has been asked several times you might want to search for more answers than you could imagine.

Whatever you buy, make sure the bottle does not say "EC" (energy conserving), which means it has friction modifiers and WILL damage your clutch.


I think the majority runs the mobil one

I was at the dealer show in Indianapolis a couple years ago and caught the Maxima seminar. It was stated by Mr. Lachene ( hope I spelled that right) that Mobil 1 was a top quality oil that could be used without worry in motorcycles. Of course I did not ask him at the time if he meant synthetic or non-synthetic. I have since then read several articles that also confirmed his statement about mobil 1. I like the idea of paying much less for Mobil 1 than the hyped up "motorcycle only" oils. If anyone has an answer to the sythetic -vs- non-synthetic question I have it would be great.

Thanks Dirtdad, that just answered my question.

I'm a Maxima sponsored rider. Dick Lechien recommended the Maxum 4 Premium 20W-50. It's a petroleum based oil. He said that it would be a wasted of money to put expensive synthetic oil in it because of the frequency of oil changes. I was rather surprised because they offer a few different synthetics and semi-synthetic oils that are quite a bit more money.

Don't use a full synthetic in a bike or you will waste the clutch prematurely. The honda oil you bought is a good oil but it has moly in it and should not be used in a clutch.

Are you sure about that dan? everything else I've heard about synth oil is that it is okay to run in motorcycles. I know some people don't prefer to run it, but that's just a personal choice. If you can find a web site or something that says its bad I'd be interested to look into it.

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