03 450 cam in an 08 450?

I heard that 03-06 exhaust cam in an 07-09 450 will help with bottom and mid? I spun my camgear and have been looking for a replacement, I found a real good deal on an 03 cam set.

The '03-'05 cam is different than an '06, and the '06 is preferable for this application, but both will work.  You will loose less top end with the '06 by a small amount.


The two other factors not to be overlooked on the '08 are the stock exhaust, which is a remarkably bad piece of junk, and completely out of character for stock YZF pipes, and the CDI box, which has a weak timing map.  The best choices to replace the CDI are (in order of preference) from the '06, '09, or '04 models.  Avoid the '05.

I've got an FMF Powerbomb on it already. I ride tight and technical courses anyway. So what you're saying is I can use 03-05 cam?

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Yes, you can.

Thanks man, picked a set up for $35 off eBay

Thanks man, picked a set up for $35 off eBay

Get a chance to install it?  How'd you like it?  I have an 07 YZ exhaust cam in my 07 WR, but it's missing some power on the low-end.  Wondering about the 06 and 03-05 yz cams...

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