What brand of manual do I need?

Is the Clymer the best book or what else do you suggest for good pictures and easy directions?


Do yourself a HUGE favor, and get the factory honda service manual. I did, and it is awesome. Pictures are crystal clear, the instructions make sense, and the whole manual is just top-notch quality...kinda like a Honda motorcycle. You can order them from Honda (the part number is near the back of your owners manual) or you can go to www.helminc.com and then look for them there. Mine was 48 bucks..yeah it sounds like a lot...but when you see, and use, the manual you will see why I like it so much. As a matter of fact, I just used it to install race tech springs in my forks this evening...

Boy did i get it in the shorts. I paid 69 at the dealer and that was after they knocked 6 bucks off because I complained aobut the 75 they wanted. :)

damn! they ripped you off! I got mine direct from helm. Can you take yours back and tellem where to put it????:)

I don't think so. I remember reading some place on this site that what the price was but couldn't remember where it was, the only thing I could remember when I was at the dealer was that Honda was proud of the manual and charged alot for it. Guess I better do more research in the future.

Dang...I paid 89 for mine... :)

I bought a manual on CD off e-bay thinking it was a HONDA CD, it is a scanned in Copy of an original Honda manual.

It works fine & has all the info, but I would'nt have bought it if i'd known it was an illegal copy. I know, I should've known, but I assumed it was a legit resaler to be publicly advertised like that, my bad. I look harder at the fine print now.

thanks for the support Timbrp.

Go to ronayers.com. The manual for my 86 xr600r is only $32 with about $7 frt. Service Honda was about $36 I think.

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