There was a 7 year old girl playing in her beautiful wooded backyard with her Dad when she noticed 2 insects on top of each other crawling along the ground... She asked, Dad what are they doing? Well not wanting to mislead his daughter he told her they were mating. She asked well what kind of bugs are they? Dad answered, the one on the top is a Daddy Long Leg. She asked, well what is the one on bottom? He answered, it is also a Daddy Long Leg. She thought, then stood up and stamped em both out with her foot. She said, Well that kind of stuff may be alright in San Francisco, but it ain't gonna happen here in Alabama. :D:):D

Hey, Alabama Rider. Have you done your 04 starter upgrade. :) Or are you selling your bike. Mine has been running great. I love my WR450 and I am not planning to sell this one until I can get one with fuel injection. :D

Hey Indy, (nice threadjack BTW :D) I wonder if anyone has considered trying to graft one of the EFI units from a big Polaris or some other EFI quad. A friend of mine just got one of those big Polaris quads and was saying it starts just like a modern car. No drill, no choke, temp dosent matter (he's in PA even). Sounds like it would be worth looking into if someone could find a complete system off of a wrecked quad maybe. He won't let me try it with his new quad tho, I already asked :).

...bamy your white hood is showing again..

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