shimming for preload

are the 650r fork springs already preloaded to 15mm? I installed race tech springs tonight, and they included no shims/spacers. I talked to race tech on the phone about this today, and they said just bolt em in and go. There are of course the stock washers (top and bottom) that were installed. Does the fork cap pre-load the springs? Or do I need to install some sort of spacer to preload them? Race techs specs said 15mm of preload.

There arent any shims or spacers on top of our forks springs--so yeah just drop them in and go. Pre-load will be a function of spring rate and your weight.

If your springs are not allowing your forks to go down as much-static pre-load as your old springs, you can adjust the rear shocks pre-load to help out. Assuming the springs are not to stiff a ride. I ended up with a .043 in one fork and a .045 in the other for a year or so, just to get it where i wanted it....

Anyway-to answer your valid question--i had the same thoughts when i first changed springs--

No washers, spacers....

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