hauling question

Someone told me that using tie down straps and compressing the front forks was bad on them. They said to use a block under the frame and the use the tie downs. Does this work or even true. If so I bought an aluminum jack stand and want to know if it is sturdy enough to use.

There may be some meret to this, I would think if the Forks are compress for a long enough period of time yes, anything is possible.

The do make fork savers that sets under the Fender and rests on the tire. It stops the Forls from compressing way down. I dont use em the bike is only tied down for about 30 minutes. :)

During normal weekend hauls I don't worry about the forks. If the forks are going to be compressed for a long time you can make your own fork saver out of a piece of 2x6 and a piece of copper pipe. Just round off one end of the board(to match your fender radius) and drill a hole in it for the pipe. The pipe keeps the board in place while you tighten the tie-downs up. I wrapped electrical tape around the ends of the pipe to keep it in place and at the same time preventing any more scratches in the fork tubes.

I hope this helps


just get a fork support thing for 12.99$ , works great 4 me...

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