PICS of Mitchies Toy Box


Need to quit spending money on digital cameras. Your bike need tires, didn't see any knobs :) and how do you expect to get a holeshot with that rear sprocket :D What's up with that front wheel, looks fat and small :D


PS nice quiver!

Hey Bill, I know I know....

I am trying to teach my wheels to eat better. The damn things, all they do is eat.... :)

WHat does great quiver mean?

I think the quiver is you're beautifully decorated trailer :D

Why not cut that front fender for less wind resistance?

PS. Nice bike :)


It's a surfing term, relating to your stash of available boards. A board for every wave shape and size. Like having a bike for motard and MX :)


Ah ,contrair mon frair,

Quiver... Thats what robin hood puts his arrows in.


01 426 beat to snot

1997 Golden Retreiver


smelly sneakers

smoke runs in my undies

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