cold ratttttttle

Hello all, i have a 2000 426. when i first start the bike to go ride, man it rattles loudly. once it warms up it is not as loud. The thing runs great. I just added a WB e-series full pipe and rejetted the carb and it rocks. The bike still has the original tires on so i don't thing it has a lot of hours on it. The factory recomends to adjust the valves after 600 hours of riding. Should I be concerned? Once again once warm it hardly rattles at all and always run like a rocket.

600 hrs??? I would check mine way before 600 hrs! It would be a good time to check your valve clearances if they are tapping. Many people with 00' 426's have had a problem with the "CB Key", do a search on it and you will find quite a few posts and how to fix it. Welcome to TTalk! Later,


600 hours? If you TRIED to let it go that long your five valves would turn into a pile of valve chunks.

where in GODS Green acreas did your read 600 hours ? :)

criss, I pulled mine down at 10 hours and chked Break in ya know. I now have about 30 and am going to pull things apart to chk.

I would read through the Maint schedual again on your manual, man are you sure its not for a VW Bug or Cadalac 600 hours is a long time


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I had the exact same rattle. I took mine apart last nite after lots of suggestions about the counter balancer key. Guess what was loose? I was surprized though, the nut for the primary drive and counter balancer key was still really tight. I dont understand is how the nut can be that tight, yet the gear was still able to be moved back and fourth with my fingers! Does the primary drive gear bottom on something allowing the counterbalacer gear to "float" only being indexed by the key?

Help, i dont want to sound dumb. but id the counter balancer key caklled the "straight key" in the manual that is between the balancer shaft and gear on the right side of the case. I seem to have this same prob on my 2000 YZ426. for a definite answer please email me at Thanks guys.

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