New guy here.

Just picked up a '99 WR400 already street titled(Baja Designs) and set up to YZ specs. Not much else to do to it other than learn how to start the dang thing. Took it out for a street ride the other night and had a real good time on it. I am coming off a '00 Husky supermoto.

In a little bit I will be looking to convert it over to supermoto so I am looking for some stock hubs to lace up some 17's front and rear. I want to keep the dirt setup so I can switch back and forth when I want to go mess with sportbikes. :D

Lets see if a picture will work. Looks like a stock WR400. Nothing flash here. Just a tool to have fun on. :)<936%3B23232%7Ffp54%3Dot>2326%3D799%3D%3A76%3DXROQDF>23234%3B854%3B%3A8%3Aot1lsi

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