steahly 12 oz flywheel weight *For Sale*

I'm considering selling my steathly 12oz flywheel weight and was wondering what it is worth. I paid 200.00 for it 4 months ago and I'm thinking it's worth about 150.00 now. This is the complete flywheel no drilling or having it pressed on.


I've been looking into getting a weight so I might be interested. A little more infomation is needed.

Did you have that flywheel on your bike? And if so... How did it run with it on?

Why do you want to sell it?

What kind of shape is it in? Any damage?

It's on my bike right now.

you will lose about 5 miles an hour on top end according to my gps, you will not be likely to stall as easy, it smooths out the power.

I'm selling because I don't trail ride as much as I thought I would and I put on the stock one when I mx to get that little zip back...

as to damage if you took a brand new one and dipped it in oil you have my flywheel. It's perfect. I did alot of research before I bought this one and if I bought another one or somebody needed advise I would recommend this one the 12oz.


I'll do some research on your's and get back to ya as soon as I can.

Thanks for the info.

b-bike :)

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Does steahly have a web sight where I can pick up some info?


I never found a web site. I went with steahly because it's mounted and balanced on a stock yamaha flywheel, It came in a yamaha box and that why I could switch back and forth, here is the phone number if you want to call them.

Steahly Flywheels(800)800-2363

FYI, Steahly now has a website:

One other thing that wasn't mentioned about the advantages of a flywheel weight is that the bike will start easier, due to the larger rotational mass. Unless I was only doing MX, I think everyone needs one of them.


Thanks Top Gun, Starting easier is a big advantage.

Ihave a stealy 12 oz weight i love it It makde my bike more manageable easier to crank tight woods are a breeze no more stalling very good upgrade probally the best thing i did.

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