2016 wr450 weird engine noise

Anyone else hear a some what pinging or metal on metal sound while briefly slipping or letting out the clutch? It seems like I hear it while riding tight single track when I pull in the clutch and then a brief ping sound when introducing load on the bike again.

It may be your chain guide slapping on the swing arm,  super common and will wear a hole in your swingarm if left un-fixed.


Pull the top bolt on the chain guide and lift it up and clean the area thoroughly.   Put a fat bead of silicone sealant down and lay the guide right back down on it and put the bolt back.   Wipe off any excess that splooged out and leave it alone till it dries.


See if you still have that noise,  if not,  fantastic.   If you still do,  well you needed to do that anyway.

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