ceramic coated TA pipe installed!!!!

I just thought I would give a report of my expierence with my new Thunder Alley pipe. After recieving the new pipe, I took it to Polydyn Coatings in Houston, TX and had it and my stock header ceramic coated. They coated it with a color they call titanium. Both pieces turned out very nice. They coated the header inside and out. This should help keep the heat in for scavenging and also help keep it away from the radiator, but it was worth the 100 bones for the looks alone!!

The TA pipe bolted up nicely. While my pipe was getting coated, I switched my jetting to what I read some of you were running with this pipe. I went with a 45 pilot, 1 notch richer on stock neddle, and 168 main. (BK mod at .3) This was also the setting that BK posted that he ran on Tim Ferry's practice bike '01 with a DSP exhaust.

To my surprise, the 45 pilot was much too rich. The bike would run well with the screw almost all the way in. I went back to the 42 pilot and I am happy with the results. I use phillips b32 fuel, so maybe that is the reason for the 45 being too rich, I don't know.

What I do know is that I like the way the pipe makes the bike perform, and it has what I think is an awesome exhaust tone. With my current jetting and the new exhaust, my bike runs better and pulls harder than it ever has.

For what it is worth, I give Thunder Alley my seal of approval. I was skeptical when I ordered it and hoped that I did not make a mistake by not going with one of the "big name" exhausts. I don't think that I did. I will say that if you are looking for a quiet exhaust, don't bother with this one. It is loud. Very loud. My first weekend at the track, several guys immediately noticed the exhaust tone and asked about the pipe. The noise doesn't bother me. Maybe what I lack in speed, I will make up for in noise!! HA HA

Wyatt, I'm just waiting for my TA pipe right now and I was wondering what options other than ceramic coating are available. I tried a high temp clearcoat at a local hardware store and they had nothing. That was the only store I've tried and I haven't looked at any ceramic coatings yet. How did you find your "coater" and does the aftermarket coating do anything performance wise. How thick did you go and what made you decide so. I've spent quite a bit on the beast of late so cost is an issue before the wife catches on. I appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Peter. :)

Where is PolyDyn Coatings located at( adress, i am from houston too)? I am going to geta TZ pipe and header when I get my YZ, and was looking for a good place to have it coated. How much was it?


Any coating on an exhaust that is designed to keep the heat in will help performance by helping the scavenging effects of the exhaust. (ceramic coatings / header wrap / etc.) What this means is that with the heat remaining in the exhaust, it will exit through the pipe and draw exhaust gases with it.

Polydyn coatings is located at 4116 Siegel. from I-45 exit Calvalcade. (just inside north loop) East on Calvalcade to Siegel. Right on Siegel until you see 4116. (behind Fiesta grocery) phone 888-765-9396

it cost me 100 bucks

They will also coat piston tops with ceramic and skirts with teflon. I saw a head from a yz400 in the shop getting coated. The guy was getting his new piston done and getting the exhaust ports in the head coated with ceramic. I think the head was 35 bucks. I think I will go this route if rebuild time ever comes.

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