Coolant from Weeping Hole

I've done a search and found this to be common. What I am looking for is how far did everyone go when fixing the problem?

Upon start up my '03 WR450 weeps coolant from the weeping hole on the right side of the case cover(about 1/2 cup). I am planning on replacing both seals, and bearings. Should I expect to replace the water pump shaft? Any other help would be appreciated. I just bought this unit used, bike is immaculate. Selling the '01 KTM 400 EXC so this will be my new steed :) for the next few seasons to come.

$60.00 worth of parts. Oil seal, water seal, Impellar shaft, side cover gasket. Lay the bike over on its side and you can do it without an oil or coolant change. Watch out you dont lose the dowel pins in the engine! :) This will need to be done at least once a year due to the lack of lubrication for the water seal and it burns a groove into the impellar shaft. :D

Thanks for the info :)

My brother is already having this problem on his YFZ450 that he bought in late august last year so I'll let him know.

Thanks! I ordered the parts today so hopefully in a week or so I'll be up and running.

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