86 XR600R Float level???

Hi All,

I found an 86 XR600R in a ranchers barn in Nebraska. He bought it new and only used it for one summer. I guess it went to fast in first gear to follow a cow to the barn, so he parked it and went back to his 250. I pulled the carbs and everything was pretty decent, 'cept the pilot jet was plugged. Got that cleaned up and wanted to check the float levels. Anybody know the float level specs for an '86 with dual carbs? I assume the measurement is taken from the base of the main carb body to the bottom of the float WITHOUT pushing the spring loaded needle pin down?

Also, any ideas where to start with jetting on this thing? I'll ride anywhere from 4500' to as high as 11,000' with most of it around 5500 to 7500. It has 122 mains and a 45 pilot in it now.

Thanks in advance,



Congrats on the find. I have an 85 xr600r and if I remember correctly the floats should be set at 17mm. I can check the manual at work tomorrow. Your jets are still definitely bone stock. I will e-mail you a pic out of the manual for setting jetting for altitude. Good luck with the bike.


Thanks tons Andy...I'm curious as to how this thing will run at altitude. I'm hoping a I can jet it for 5000 ft. or so and "get by" above that. I think I'll leave the exhaust alone simply 'cuz of the noise issues in the National forest, but i am thinking of taking the "snorkel" out of the air cleaner box. I have mixed feelings about that. I'm sure Honda put it in for a reason. It looks restrictive, but perhaps it directs the airflow better and actually helps to have it there. I'll just have to try it both ways.

Take care


float level is 18mm

check these out xrjet.jpg

Thanks alot for the help Andy. Got the carbs on her and she fired right up. It has a slight flat spot just off of idle that I'll have to play with, but all in all she sounds pretty good after a 15 year time out. I really appreciate your time and effort to copy the jetting page.

Thanks again,



No problem. How did you jet it or did you leave it stock?

I left it stock for now 'til I can get some jets ordered. Looks to me like 118's will be a little rich for most of my riding, but if I go to 115's, I might be a little to lean below 5000 ft., but the 115's might be best above 5000. Probably get a couple of each and try them. Rather be a touch rich than lean.

I really appreciated all your help Andy. I'll try to return the favor to the next person.


I think 118's will be fine. I personally would try to run the bike a little rich. I am going to start out with mine at 125's and a 48 pilot. I have a k&n air filter and opend up airbox. I Should have the bike ready in a couple of weeks. I still need a rear tire and a set of sprockets. Hope you enjoy your bike. I just sold my 01' xr650 and I miss it alot.

I just bought some Primary Drive sprockets from rockymountainmc.com. I think the front (14T) was $6.99 and the rear (50T) was $14.99. I still think it's too fast in first gear, but I'm going to wait til I put some miles on it before I buy a 13 tooth for the front. I'm hoping to head to the mountains in the next couple of weeks. Probably be awhile 'til I get to really high altitude though (snow). Still haven't figured out that flat spot off idle.

I think the dual carbs just have that flat spot. You kinda have to learn to ride around it. Raising the idle a bit helps to make to away a little bit.

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