how dose the drz compare with the wr450

Just wondering if anyone could tell me the differance between these two bikes. I'm thinking of changing from my DRZ to something lighter and more aggressive,which it appears that the WR is.

DRZ nice trail bike.

WR450 Rompin stompin race winning beast you just gotta love and I don't even own one. :)

I own both, a 03 drz400e and a 03wr450. The Wr is my regular ride and the drz is the bike I let my buddies ride.

DRZe pros, Easy to start, reliable, comfortable seat, smooth shifting, reasonable accelleration and torque, lower seat height. Cons Heavier, heavier at the top, softer suspension (in many cases new springs are needed)

WR450 pros Great acceleration and torque, lighter, lower CG, better brakes, better suspension, reliable, somewhat narrower, Cons Hard seat, high seat, some suspension changes will make it even better, doesn't start as well as the Dr but is satisfactory, higher priced. I'm sure I forgot some things but it's a start.

A DRZ is a slightly better XR (suspension and engine) and the WR is like a 250 2 smoke, no comparison at all. But the WR even with all the power is still easy to control :)

Night and day! the DRZ is too heavy and Too slow. The WR450

rolls on wheelies through the gears and eats DRZ's.The DRZ is agreat trail ride without technical stuff. :)

Ditto, I've had two DRZ's now have a 03 WR450, I wish my WR started as quickly as the DR, its not that the WR is hard to start it just doesn't have that half second push of the button that it takes for the DR, the WR takes a few revolutions of the starter to get going. I also wish my WR had the DR seat, other than that its the WR, more power than you will ever need, with great handling and suspension. I would never bad mouth the DRZ's they were great trail bikes.


This is the result of my comparison. I had an 01 DRZ400E, GREAT trail bike, but for my use didn't fit the bill. :)

I have a wr 450 and my mate a drz 400.I like riding mine more than his as it goes quicker handles better stops better, BUT i think the drz will last longer and perhaps is more suited to trail riding .Both are great bikes.


setting power and torque aside the WR is WAY better in all aspects. suspension components and geometry is WAY nicer. you can not compare the 2 bikes. like comparing an xr250 to a wr250.

Good input guy's I think I'm getting the picture, the WR should be a much better bike for trying to ride at race pace. Do you think you can ride it as hard and fast on cut and thrust trails as your 250 2st & KTM 4st bud's?

there is no reason that a wr450 wouldn't hammer a 250 mx bike in a woods race {rider depending}. i had a drz for 2 years {80-100 000km} i raced it, stunt rode it, commuted on it, used it as a trials bike, and much more. i loved it at first but then i got to a point in my riding skill that it was actually holding me back. i was riding it at 99% of what it was capable of. and my body/bran was sitting at about 75% if that makes any sense. now, with the wr450 my body/brain are working at 105% and I'm only riding about 75% of that i think the WR can do. :)

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