07 WR450F - Pilot air jet, Merge AP spring & CRF Apump kit questions

It takes about a week for my dealer to get me leak jets.  I'm still waiting on a #60 that I ordered last Saturday...


You are still thinking it's clogged somewhere?  


There are 3 passageways on the float bowl, all look clean to me:


Leak jet & check valve holes.  #50 leak jet installed



Float bowl passage way from the pump to the carb body:


There is also the angled passage from where the bowl cover makes contact to the nozzle.....but that appears fine.


You can block off the hole of an old leak jet with JB weld to get the most fuel possible..

Well Krannie, you were right, the timing screw did not help.  I adjusted it to the point where it was hitting the slide, then delayed it just enough so it was missing the throttle during quick WOT turns.  I think it was 2.63mm, right within JD Jetting's range of 2.6-2.8mm.


With the "0" leak jet, I get a longer squirt:


With the 50, I still get a short squirt:


Does this mean my bike is different & simply needs a smaller leakjet?  Or do you think this is still a partial clog or other issue somewhere?

Yeah, something weird is going on, but I think a 35 or 40 leak jet should be fine.

Took it riding in the desert this weekend.  I was actually pretty happy with the results.  Throttle was much more responsive, the bog was 99% gone, but it was lacking a bit of crispness.  I'll try again with the 40 leak jet and report back in a few weeks.

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