left radiator wanted

Hey guys,I'm looking for a left radiator (the one without the cap). Email me if you have one for sale.


Check with your dealer to make sure its the same as your bike but heres one off a 125 on good ole' EBay.

>>>>Left Side Radiator

I've got a nice LH radiator off a 99 YZ 400. One minor flaw. The entire rh side is riped off. Check out www.Powersportspro.com I got the radiator, lower hose and both radiator shrouds for what the dealer wanted for the radiator. They also have the dealer microfiches online for you to see. Way cool site.

do you have the old one? Miler's outta Utah specializes in motorcycle radiators. 1 day turnaround. they have fixed 2 for me over the years and did excellent work. no epoxy... they heli-arc it... the right way to fix aluminum. around 50 bucks + shipping. they always have an ad in the back of cycle news. just addin my 2 cents :)

Nope. I pitched it. I dont need anymore reminders of my stupidity around than are necessary.

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