WANTED: Full exhaust w/spark arrestor...

or maybe just the silencer/sparker, if it will fit on the stock headpipe. The quieter the better!! Rampart opens soon...need that sparker!!

From what I've heard, Rampart is already open.

I have a buddy who just bought one of the spark arrestor end caps that replaces the stock endcap. He bought it from TT's own, PROMOTO billet. He brought it in to work yesterday and it's pretty trick. It's around $120 so it's about 1/2 the price of an E-series unit. It's a good option IMHO.

What part of CO are you in?


We should put together a Rampart ride!

hey Merf, ever been out to Fruita?

I need info on the trails out there, supposed to be going with a bunch of people on a Mtn. Bike trip, but there is no way I'm going out there w/out the 426.

Never been to Fruita except to stop by on my way to Rabbit Valley.. sorry.

A Rampart ride sounds like fun. I'm headed down to Texas to the LTR enduro this weekend so this weekend is out for me. Maybe next weekend?


I live in Fort Collins. Never been to fruita, but I heard it's awsome for mtn. biking, don't know if you cn ride ohv's there. Grand junction, Montrose and delta are the sweet riding areas in that part of the state. I could give you directions to the riding in junction if you want.

I would also be interested in getting together for a ride. I can't ride rampart until I get that spark arrestor, ever run your bike in the dark?? Mine can shoot some serious flames! We ride at Berthod all the time though, if you want to meet up there let me know!

I have an FMF pwr core squared sparky. Used but still in good condidion. 125 obo. I mount it to a stock header.


We'll figure something out! Good luck this weekend too!


I have heard GREAT things about skinny ridge from my buds. Can't wait to hit it!


Next weekend is out, I'm racing the AMA HS at milliken on Sat. then checking out the pros on Sun. Then my Mom is in town for a week. Looks like April is shot. Maybe after the first week in May?


Hook me up with the junction directions. It is only about 5-10 miles from fruita.

I'm always out at Berthoud on weekends and starting next week Tues and/or Thurs after work.

This weekend I'm going to be at Erie though, practice Sat & racin on Sun.

[ April 05, 2002: Message edited by: Hokie ]

Directions to some of the sickest riding ever:

From Denver: I 70 west to Grand Junction. I'm not sure of the #exit but I am almost positive it says "Horizon Road". Take a right off the exit(you will be heading towards the airport). Take a 90 degree left before you enter the airport, and drive just a couple minutes, then take a right on the first road that will take you out behind the airport. I'm not sure of it's name, but it is a paved road in real bad shape(huge bumps, be careful) then it turns into dirt. Follow that as far as you fit, park it and get ready to rip some gnarly trails. Ask riders there how to find "Skinny top Ridge", and the dry creekbed trail. So much sick riding, takes days and days to explore. There are some BIG table jumps near the back of the airport, and everywhere else. Get ready for some hairball sh!t, bring extra levers etc. And Good luck!!!Your gonna love it!

Hokie, sorry, here's my schedule:

5/5 - Last Chance Enduro, Limon.

5/12-15 - Trail ride in San Rafeal Swell.

Maybe end of May?

Good luck in the HS. I was originally going to race that as well, but figured since I was racing this weekend, I should pass.


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