GYTR high compression piston and oil sprayer.

Going to do a top end soon on my 16 450f. I was thinking about the gytr kit and i was wondering if anyone has had experience with installing the sprayer nozzle. Does it require machining like it did back in 06? I cant find any installation videos or info. Thanks.

Doing some research and i think the 16 already has the sprayer but i cant confirm

The '06 didn't need machine work; it came with the nozzle.  You may be thinking of the quad engine.


The '16 comes with one, too, as has every one since '06, but with the 13.5:1 setup, they want a bigger one.

Great, thanks.

jimbo, I am fixing to put the GYTR piston in my 16 450 next week. I have never dealt with oil sprayers before but i do know that with the GYTR piston yamaha says its required to use the bigger GYTR sprayer so with that said do you have any reccomendations on this? Is it tough to get to and replace? And also how did you like the GYTR piston was there any noticable performance gains?

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