Fine dust inside carb to airbox intake?

I read an old post regarding silicone sealing the large front of the air box to avoid water and dust getting into the intake. Have you guys found any other source of leaking? Just thought to ask before I tear it apart. I am using well oiled stock and Twin Air filters with plenty of grease around the lip.

By the way, sure seams hard to align the larger after market filters. Anyone know any tips on assuring a good filter seal along the back of the box?


No source on the WR forum but on the YZ 450 forum EGO has seen this and has a remedy. :)

Are you sure dust is getting through with both the OEM and the Twin-Air? Or have you not isolated it to either one specifically?

Clean out the dust and run the same dusty conditions first with one. Then check for dust in the passage, clean out the passage the same way (even if you see no noticeable dust from the first filter) and then repeat with the other brand filter.

I did the test useing K&N filter oil on both filters. Mind you, this was an extremely dry and dusty condition. My results: The OEM allowed no dust and the Twin-Air did. Maybe if you do the same test, you'll get a different result. It would sure be good info to see your result for comparison so it can be confirmed or dis-qualified. Last thing I intend to do is trash a product if it is not really true.

K&N oil? is it ok for foam filters? I use motorex and my carb and boot are perfectly clean! with TwinAir and stock. BTW I dyno tested both filters and there is no difference in performance :)

Good idea to test the different filters. I don't really trust the seal around the intake. Doesn't seem to seat as well as my other bikes in the past. Just put a 2 stage filter in, and after that will try the stock filter. Will then post my results.

By the way, the stock filter baskets are only $11 USD from Yamaha for those of you like me who like to have a few filters cleaned, oiled, and ready to go. :)

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