HELP I may be screwed

I bought a Power Bomb header for the XR600 for my 650L. I thought it would line up fine. Guess what, it don't. It fits witht the collector end on the outside of the frame rail. I need to tweak it in a little. Has anyone come across this problem before?? Any advice?? I'm worried if I bend it, it will flatten the pipe out at the exhaust port side. HELP!! :)

It should fit same as a 6hunny. Do you think that they might've shipped the wrong one, maybe one for a TRX 400? If it's that far outa whack, I wouldn't bend it to try and make it fit. Where'd you buy it from?

Yeah I tried and tried but there's no way it's going to fit. I bought it right through my local dealer. The sticker on the box said H425H XR600. Unless the exhaust ports angle outward in the 600 and not the 650 there's no way it would fit. My "Q" muffler fit great and it said XR600 on the box also.

The 600 and the 650L are the same as far as exhaust is concerned.

It sounds like there is some sort of mixup.

Go back to the dealer and make them fix it, just because the box has the right # doesn't mean the part is right.

Maybe the kid putting the parts in the box was having an off day.

Good luck



Why don't you call FMF directly and talk to them. That's what I did they seemed to be very helpful.

Good luck, hope that you get it worked out.

I just got in from my first ride with my new White Bros. E-Series Silencer(wb05050) and Works Headpipe(wb05153) and I was looking at your pics and that is not an XR600 pipe. I have a 94 XR600 and 85-00 are the same on most parts from what I can tell and the exhaust ports are not angled like that. They sold you the wrong pipe. Go to and enter the model number wb05153 at the search area at the top left of the home page and look at the photo of the pipe I just bought, and by the way the White Bros. system looks, fits, performs and sounds great. I hope that helps you.

The problem is solved! I talked to Chris Finley at FMF and got everything straight. I revieved an XR650R header in a XR600R box. No worries, just send it back and get the correct one. I have talked to Chris in the past if anyone has questions give him a call, he can answer it or at least to some leg work and find out the answers. If for no other reason than to buy from a place that gives excellent customer service, I will buy from FMF every time.

Thanks for your reply's.

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