Nutec race fuel


No Diss from me at all sorry if that was implied it was not.

Man you got a bigger ego then me

"I am the fastest guy around here"

Billy the Kid thought that tooo :)

I once passed 15 guys in the straight at Sears Point, To bad they were waiting there turn for Practice :D:D

Alos I was pretty fast too until a snot nosed little kid passed me on the outside full lock feet on the pegs, His Name (Randy Mamola)

I quit racing that year not becouse of that but becouse I shattered my wrist by some pin head that was pissed at me for leading the series points lead. All that for 6 bucks worth of trophy

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I have had my motors wet sumped for awhile,and have had no problems. As with you the oil is spent, and I change it every moto, or every afternoon of practicing. Change the oil and no problems . Later Dave

Lawdog, you should call Bob Murray at Thunder Alley and talk to him about his exhaust. There is a guy in Englad that runs a supermotard 426 with his pipe and said he has dyno sheets at 60+ horse. Just a thought.


I am confident not cocky, I was told that there wasa difference. as far as the "I am the fastest guy around here" comment, Kfrosty suggested that I ask the fastest guy around what mods he uses. Thats where that came from.


Alot of my friends use the MR2 in the 2-strokes and it works very well,I have notused it. Howeverthe C-12 works very good. Sorry but Lawdog must go to work. Serve and Protect time.


Man we aint rippin on you or vice versa. At a professional level it is very understandable that you need every ounce of power and that you do a lot more maintenance and rebuilds than the rest of us. I have looked at NUTEC but from what you have said this sounds like a the one blend is definately for Pro racers and not for the every day rider.

Hey I would love to get 3 more horsepower but I cant use the ones I already have. Keep on posting your findings this thread has been very informative. By the way what types of VP gas have you used and what is your favorite? They have so many blends I have been wanting to try either thee MR2 or CP12 but not sure which is better. This is going in my 2 Stroke though.. :)

Yeah I have been running the 76 110 Leaded but feel that this is not what I really need. At least I dont think I need 110 octane. It is tough finding VP gas around where I live, I was trying to find somewhere that ships the 5 gallon cans but to this point havent found any distributors that do. I thought that it said that the containers could be shipped on VPs website. I know my local cycle shop sells VP but not MR2 or C12, well I guess I could order through them but there shop sucks!!!


Pulling your leg :)

Life begins at 170


throwing it sideways towns the muscles :D

Nutec's the real deal. I had a single cyl.(same motor as the Raptor) road racer that had a terrible mid-range dip (huge cam, twin 39mm FCR's) After trying everything else(cam timing etc..) we tried Nutec . When jetted properly for it, I gained a couple of hp in the midrange, and another 5-6 on top(went from 64-65 to 70hp)

The down side to it is you do have to get it out of your motor/tank when your through, and the smell will permeate EVERYTHING in the vicinity.

Be advised however, that you can just use it for your race, which alot of people don't know. Use whatever you want during practice, and then drain it out and put in the Nutec. That way, you only burn a couple of gallons. If you do the math, I think you'll find that it's cheaper (over the course of a racing season) to run the Nutec, vs. buying the hp through conventional methods. I don't think it's worth it just for play riding though...

IF getting the most out of your fuel is what your looking for, try Nitropropane additives. After jetting for this stuff, you will find massive power gains. You also may find large amounts of aluminum on the plug, but hey, power is power right? If you go with a nitropropane additive, you mush jet WAY up. Nitropropane is an oxygen bearing fuel, so running it without rejetting creats an extreme lean condition, and when this stuff detonates, it really detonates, bad enough to beat the bearings out of the bottom end in about 4 or 5 seconds at WOT. Nitropropane works on the exact same science as NitrousOxcide. Under compression the chemical splits and the oxygen is released in the combustion chamber. Effectivley making the engine think its larger than what it actually is. Not unlike a supercharger. Just another Horsepower obsessed thought.

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