Internal Engine Cleaner?

I have a 2008 WR450F that was bought new in 2014. The engine oil and filter is changed every other ride (trail rides) or every 200-300 miles at times because the bike is tagged and used for some dual sport riding. Of course during oil changes as expected I would noticed the normal wear and tear/clutch residue that discolors the oil but also leaves a film inside the engine and can be noticed at the oil filter pocket area. The oil is changed while hot but also some cold oil changes have been made.




Has anyone every tried using an internal engine cleaner like Seafoam through their engine before oil change?


I was thinking of adding a few oz's of Seafoam start the engine and let it idle until hot and then drain the oil change filter etc. Thoughts? 



Half oil and half kerosene will clean the sludge from oil and other residues. But only run for 1 minute(60 seconds) and the immediately drain it. Kerosene will be break down the lubrication of the oil and get very combustible. 45-60 seconds is all you need and the internals will be clean enough not to be an issue.


My 426 sat from the PO for 5 years and did this after riding it hard and hot then draining the oil. Refilled it with the Kerosene/oil mixture for a minute and then drained again. So much gunk from sludge slid out over a weekend after leaving the drain plug out. It was pretty nasty.


If you do it more than 60 seconds, probably think about replacing some internal parts from not taking my advice.

IMHO I would not run any "cleaner" thru my engine.


You run the risk of a piece of crud breaking free and plugging an oil galley.


Then the bearing surface it supplies loses lubrication resulting in the destruction of that surface.


Best to let sleeping dogs lie.

No 'cleaners'!


Just for the reason Falconjet mentioned: possible oil passage clogging....

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