Fork Oil - 10, 15, 20 ?

Just had my fork seals replaced and asked the guy who did them to put in a heavier fork oil since I have been bottoming out a lot in the forks. Rode yesterday with SJWR450 in Hollister and man did it feel funky. Coming down the trails it felt like I was riding a jack hammer, Greg noticed it as well. I forgot what weight the oil was I do know it was Motul. Greg & I are going to replace the oil tomorrow and am wondering what you'all recommend?

Tips & Pointers sure would help :)

Thanks Guys :D

if your bike is bottoming, you should first play w/ your compression clickers. If your ride becomes too harsh, raise the oil level.

If this still does not work, stiffer springs may be in your best interest.

Stiffer oil, although always an option, should not be used IMHO, but I am not a suspension guy, just a backyard mechanic.

Stock oil weight is 5#

5W is stock for the bike. Fill level makes a huge difference. I like 100mm from the top of the tube measuring position. :)

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