Yz400f carb parts

Hey folks I just bought a 99 yz400f in pretty rough physical shape but I got it really cheap. Engine seems solid tons of compression but before I even tried to start it I noticed it was leaking gas. Took the carb out and noticed the plastic lever that connects to the little diaphragm pushrod is missing. This one plastic lever isn't in any diagram I can find. Does anyone know where I can get one or maybe take some measurements for me so I can make one myself? Any advice is appreciated!

Google Sudco and get their current Keihin catalog. It's your best bet.


What you would likely be happier with, however, is a carb from any '05-'09 YZ450F.  It's basically a bolt-on with minor mods, and makes a huge difference in how well the bike runs, starts, etc.

thanks for the advice. ive found parts for fcr carbs but nothing exacly like what i have so i think the 450 carb will be my best bet. ive been reading about that its just a shame because the rest of my carb is in such good shape minus that one missing lever.

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