I'm researching the differences between WR/F, WR/R and the YXF's. I've read lots of different info but I'm very particular and would like to gather all the concrete facts on these bikes. The spec sheets don't give enough detail.

So far here is what I concluded:

YZF 250 or 426- full out race bike, max suspension travel, same components as the WRF but set up softer. The engine is the same with higher performance tuning, and the transmission is slightly closer gear ratios. Fuel tank is smaller. Its a bit lighter due to no electric start or electrical components. Am I missing anything else here? Fuel injected I assume?

WRF- they come in 250 and 426- any other sizes? These are a street legal version of the YZF with a slightly taller gear ratio, and a slightly detuned engine. They can be uncorked by removing the throttle limiter screw. I assume you can reflash the PCM to be the same as a YZF. Suspension components the same but set up softer on the WRF. slightly bigger fuel tank. Is the subframe on this alloy etc same as the YZF? Is this street legal from factory?

WRR - they come in 250 and 426? basically they are a detuned street legal enduro style bike. They have less suspension travel, more weight, than a WRF series with taller gears for higher speeds. Suited mainly for dual sport type riding. What else am I missing?

I'm trying not to ask questions that have already been asked on the site, but Id like to know all details before making decisions.



You're 14 years out of date because Yamaha last made a 426 anything back for the 2002 model year.

Now, they're 250 and 450.


1) First, the WR250R is a street-legal dual-purpose bike that has nothing in common with a YZ250F, YZ250FX, or WR250F.

There is no 426 or 450 model, either.

It IS NOT related to those bikes and all of the parts are different, but merely has a similar name (probably a marketing decision to fool a few people into buying it, thinking it is a street-legal YZ).

In my opinion, it would make more sense for the Yamaha factory to designate the bike the XT250R, as the XT models have always been their 4-stroke dual-purpose bikes.

I used to own a WR250R, and for it's intent, it's good.


2) The YZ250F and YZ450F are the Yamaha motocross bikes, made for going fast on a groomed motocross track.

The engines are full-power (not EPA-restricted), the suspension settings are firm, and they are the loudest.


3) The YZ250FX and YZ450FX are closely based on the YZ250F and YZ450F.

The FX models add electric start, different tranny ratios (the YZ250FX is a 6-speed, too), an 18-inch rear wheel, and supposedly slightly softer suspension settings for the closed-course off-road riding and racing they're intended for.

The bikes are not EPA-restricted.


4) The WR250F and WR450F are also closely based on the YZ250F and YZ450F, but these bikes are EPA-restricted since they are legal to ride on federal lands that allow dirt bikes.

The fueling is leaner, the mufflers are extremely quiet, a throttle stop allows only half-throttle, and the airbox inlets are choked with noise silencers.

These performance restrictions are easily removed where the bikes will then run like the YZ250FX and YZ450FX, but that also makes them non-EPA-compliant for places where that matters.

The suspension settings are softer for trail use, have a headlight and taillight, an 18-inch rear wheel, electric starting, and are basically the EPA-compliant version of the YZ250FX and YZ450FX.


Other than the WR250R dual-purpose bike, none of these bikes are sold as street-legal from the Yamaha factory in the USA.

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Thanks for the info.  I was trying to differ between the large amounts of misinformation and fact on various sources today. I'm know my Honda's well, but helping out a friend get informed on these bikes better.  So the WR450F comes street legal from factory correct?  And you can buy the tuner to get it to run fairly close to what the YZF would (provided you uncorked it, remove the throttle restriction screw, and did the performance tuner upload).  The gears would be taller, and maybe not quite as much snot, but still pretty close.  Weight ratio would be a bit more - 25-30 lbs?  because of the electrical.  Does this sound about right?  I notice they are very rare for the YZ FX models....  interesting.  



No, the WR450F is not sold as street-legal.

The WR250R is street legal. But it's a completely different bike from the WR250F and WR450F.

What about the plastic fairings on Wr450f vs yz450f (except for headlight and taillight)? Is this the same on a 03?

What about the plastic fairings on Wr450f vs yz450f (except for headlight and taillight)? Is this the same on a 03?


Tank shrouds are different.


The best way to be sure is to look up the parts on a parts site like partsfiche.com and compare

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