01 YZ426F Front wheel/disc to 99 WR400

Does anyone know if a front wheel/disc from an 01 YZ426F will bolt right up to a 99WR 400?

From the Yamaha site I see the hubs have the following part numbers:

01 yz426f - 4SS-25111-01-00

99 wr400f - 5BF-25111-00-00

and the disc:

01 yz426f - 5MV-2581T-00-00

99 wr400f - 4XM-2582T-00-00


THe disc are different. The 98-00 is a non floating -- ie all solid.

The 01+ is a floating rotor.

But they are interchangeable there.

Check the spacers. if the spacers are different part numbers, then you will need the spacers from your 400 to mount that front wheel.

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