Street legal 1999 wr400f

I have found this 1999 wr400f for sale that is street legal and was wondering how the bike works as a dual sport. I am looking for a new bike as my crf230l is no longer doing it for me on or off road and am considering a wr400. Any info on the bike would be much appreciated thanks,

I have a 2000 WR 400 and I love it. I would say I use it for about 80% on the road use. Does gray on road with some re-gearing. Kickstarts first or second try almost always. The only issue I have is the previous owner wired it kind of...well...shitty. Having issues with my lights. Other than that great bike.

That's a pretty old bike.

You better like to work on motors and stuff....


You would be better off with a 2007+ WR450F. Should be easy to find a plated one.

I have a '98 Wr400 - DEAD reliable.  Do the typical maintenance properly and you should be fine.  If you are not sure of the current state of maintenance, start with the basics; oil change and air filter.  From there you can work into bigger projects.  I check the valves once a year,  after the first adjustment, I haven't had to adjust them since I got it as a 6 year old bike.

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Thanks everybody but sadly that bike got away from me.

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