Where can I get a new fuel inlet to the carb ?

Here is the problem .




Yes it will clean the chain really really well , but I'm just a little concerned with fuel mileage .


All I really need is the 2 small seals inside it or the whole brass assy with the pinch screw to hold it in ,

pretty easy fix right ?  So off I go to RMATVMC like usual and I can't find it . Seems to only be part

of the whole complete carb assy .



Bike Bandit is the same .




I can rig up a seal situation but would rather just replace it



Any ideas where to order one up ?

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Thanks , not sure why it never dawned on me in this situation but yeah , derp this carb is the same one used on other color brands as well .


Yea there are a few parts of the carb that Yamaha chooses not to sell but are indeed available if you look at Honda.


When needing carb parts it is usually a good idea to compare the two.  The Honda is often much cheaper than Yamaha

for the same part and the only difference is the name on the little baggie it comes in.

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