Is this bike a good deal? 2005 WR450F Plated $2700



Probably won't have any 'problems', but consider the fact the the more reliable a dirt bike is, the more hours every part has on it!

If your goal is to get a CA plate for it, then having a plated out of state title is the way to go.  Trying to convert a CA off-road bike to street legal is much more difficult.

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it seems like a fair deal but you have to inspect it throughly. he posted 2700 obo so you could probably get it for around 23 mabye 2500. just remember getting a good used bike its better then having the best deal. their good preforming reliable bikes,  just make sure to change the oil often.


Did you decide not to buy this bike?  Did you look at it?  I'm considering it for a buddy of mine.  Was there anything wrong with it?  I know those older WR's are bullet-proof.


I'm still thinking about it. $2,500 is still a pretty penny for me to drop down. It's still on Craigslist, you can go get it if you want..

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