Has anyone here owned a KTM then gone to WR?

I realize this may have been asked a number of times but I have been thinking of selling my 2001 KTM EXC and getting a 2004 WR 450 and just wanted some opinons. I know we all have our brand loyalty but I wanted to get some serious opinions. What are the similarities and differences?

Look backward 2-3 pages, a comparison was done last week. Both great bikes. :)

Sorry I was looking for anyone who went from KTM to WR not just a comparision.

I switched from a 03450 exc to 04 WR450.I moded it all up to get it to feel lighter. Still feels quit a bit heavier than the ktm in the tight stuff. Motor is a lot stonger than the ktm. Suspension is pretty nice.I like the narrowness of the new ktms, so much so ,I bought a 04 450 exc. I have a mint 04 wr 450 for sale.

Out of curiosity, did you consider a 525 EXC instead of a 450 EXC (because of the "stronger motor" of the WR450 over the 450 EXC)??

I went from an '02 453SX (formerly a 400) to a WR426. Ask away.

I will say I am MUCH faster on the WR, only because of the superior suspension. The Motor is my KTM is absoluetly incredible, but the suspension is not for me. The WR is heavier than my SX, and my WR is YZ everything except gearbox and kick stand. However with the exc, I'll bet they are close in weight.

Are you faster in the woods or on the track or both?

Did you notice a difference in parts availability or prices??

Both, especially later in the ride or race. Prices and availabilty are similar. I have actually had a harder time recently getting a Yamaha OEM part, than I ever had with my KTM's

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