I've been gone for a while so I cn't remember how i can get my hands on a TT fender sticker...

I saw a couple guys in Marysville with them but it was as i was leaving so I never got a chance to ask them.. PLEASE HELP ME !

I"M LOST !!!!!


On the top of any of these pages click on "forum home", then at the top of that page is a banner for TT, click on that.

BTW,re: your earlier post, I'm taken my 8 yr old to Prairie city on Sat. tomorrow. I'm hoping to get some time on Hangtown. It's an open practice from..I think 9 to 2. There's a race on Sunday that I'm not doing. Just gonna get some practice. OTHG is racing there on the 13th. That's when I'll be racing.

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