Piston/ring replacement,died 2 hours in.

Yz450f 2009

Had a replacement of the head and rings... bike died mid ride. 2 hours total. and now it will start but i hear a noise. either a rattle or solid continuous tick like its draging rings or hitting a valve. i would like some input before i tear this bitch down and do it myself. Is it a common problem? i redid the cam chain to book specs and it was perfect till it died lol. let me know what you think.

I assume if the rings blew off the bike wouldnt be able to start?

So maybe a valve. idk

Nothing common. Take it apart or pull the valve cover and look at the cams, check valve clearences and so forth.

Sounds like you did not do the work

Take it back to the person who did

Yea i figured. Ill do it myself then at least i know what is done. I appreciate the input just looking for a starting point as i am a 2t baby originally.

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